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Diposkan oleh Mufti Hidayat | 1:41 PM

Bonsai's victory Santoso (42 years) with the prestigious title Best in Show I in the exhibition ASPAC IX, was not too surprising. At least, Santoso name is already often appears as a champion in many bonsai during this event. And shrimp pine bonsai win this time, it had never been a championship at all. First appeared, instantly win.
A total of 6 (six) included in his bonsai ASPAC this time, the pine and sour shrimp Java, each one, and 4 (four) santigi. In addition to Best in Show, fir shrimp also won Best in Size Extra Large I, in addition to the Best 31 Great Bonsai. While one santiginya, also won Best in Size Medium and Large Bonsai Best 31.
This record more exciting PPBI Sidoarjo branch, where Santoso joined. Santoso addition, other members who got the champion's santigi J. Wenas (Best in Size II) which also won the Big 31 for the other santigi, along with Soelistyosidhi's santigi.
Previously, bonsai collection also Santoso Juara I've got Bonsai Photo Contest in Japan (2005), won second prize Award Ismael Saleh, 10 Great Spirit National Bonsai Exhibition PPBI Sidoarjo (2005), the champion of Cheng Ho's memorial in Semarang, Best in Shoe exhibition national in Ponorogo, and several other championships.
On average, tree species had indeed santigi, but later begin to look again Santoso shrimp pine. This is certainly not out of the trainer who helped her services, namely Sutomo.
Asked before the assessment took place, Santoso admitted that recent development of more advanced bonsai. An increase in quality, many new players emerge. Despite growing controversy over the jury assessment, Santoso not too confusing. He's being remains an important part and happy to participate.
Pharmaceutical businessman based in Sidoarjo is only hope, that the assessment of all bonsai ASPAC conducted by foreign judges, could provide lessons for judges in their own country. Indeed they are not necessarily better, but at least more objective.

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